Cute Personalized Backpacks For Kindergarten


Since the dawn of time, the backpack has been considered a timeless accessory. If it is very popular with adults, children are not left out.

There are cute personalized backpacks for kindergarten you can choose for your little one.

Adorned with very attractive colors and patterns, it is inviting everywhere and is likely to be part of our habits for many years to come.

For the first school year of your little one, it is therefore essential to choose a satchel that he or she can proudly wear when crossing the doors of kindergarten.


How to choose a good kindergarten backpack?


People who want to know where to buy a new kindergarten backpack often refer to a buying guide for the best kindergarten backpacks.

Indeed, there are so many models that choosing one is not easy.

Therefore, it is important to list the main criteria to consider to be sure to make the right choice.


What size backpack does my child need?


When entering kindergarten, your child is already using several school supplies.

The size and dimensions of the satchel therefore play a major role in determining which model is best for your child.

Depending on user experience, the ideal size will be between 32 and 35 cm.

Opting for a backpack with dimensions 24 x 32 cm is therefore proving to be an excellent idea to meet the main needs of your child.

You should also not be tempted to choose a backpack model that is way too large.

Generally, the start of kindergarten is between 2 and 3 years old. At this age it is therefore not yet recommended to turn to an A4 backpack, as it can be detrimental to the health and physical development of your child.

The goal here is to find equipment that can hold your little one’s small items.


It is also not recommended to overload your small baggage for school.

Not only are you endangering your kid’s development, but he or she may also be demotivated by the idea of ​​going to school.

Finally, you must understand that compartmentalized backpacks will be your best ally for organization and for the uniform distribution of the weight of your satchel.




To recognize the most practical backpack, you should base your judgment on the ergonomics of the bag, not on the product.

This means that the backpack must guarantee a good grip so as not to limit the movements of the wearer.

On top of that, it also doesn’t have to be annoying.

So, the rucksack with the best quality / price ratio is the one that meets a simple rule.

Whether for a little girl or a little boy the width of the backpack must always be equal to the width from the shoulders of its owner.

Otherwise, the child will not be comfortable and may even be in pain.

As it is for kindergarten, practicality will also be a key factor.

With a scratch-resistant nursery backpack, your child will be able to open his bag more easily, without requiring the help of an adult.


Colors and patterns


One of the most important tips for knowing which kindergarten backpack to buy is to consider the patterns and colors.

Like other children of his age, yours will want a role model that he likes and that will make him want to go to school.

Backpacks that appeal to children are the ones with fun patterns and the colorful ones.

Indeed, just by seeing the design of their backpack they will know whether they want to take it or not.

It would therefore be best to ask them to choose with you.

In most cases, your little one will be attracted to models where he can find his favorite cartoon character and his favorite color.

Whatever he chooses, there is a plethora of options on the market.


What is the best backpack for kindergarten?


Now that you know what to look for when buying a backpack, we share with you our top 3 recommended products based on real users’ feedback.


The Vaschy little kids backpacks


The Vaschy line of backpacks for kids can easily fit on your kids back.

They have a variety of bags for both boys and girls.




Main advantage

Perfectly adjustable, this children’s backpack adapts to all sizes.

This is made possible thanks to the two padded shoulder straps it has.

So no matter the size of your little one, this bag will suit him or her.


Main drawback

Since this is a children’s model, this bag is quite small. You won’t be able to fit journal in it. Some parents have also reported that the zipper can occasionally get stuck.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Even if it is a bit small, which is quite normal for kindergarten backpacks, it is a very high-quality product. It has everything to please your child.


Main Features Explained


Manufacturing quality

The Vaschy bag is a very good quality children’s backpack. Just by its design, we see that it is a high-end accessory.

To begin with, know that this bag is made with canvas, in this case, a quality material.

Thus, it is made to last over time since the canvas with which it is made is very solid.

This is a very important detail when you know that children are not known for the attention they pay to their belongings.

In addition, its size makes it very practical to be worn by toddlers.

It has a height of only 37 cm, a width of 28 cm and a thickness of 14 cm, an ideal size for a kindergarten kid.

Your child will be able to wear it without any problem.


A patterned bag


When you buy a kid’s accessory, appearance matters a lot.

Children love original things. And that’s exactly what Vaschy offers you.

To distinguish it from other models, this bag is covered with patterns, like small designs.

You will have the choice between several themes: Unicorn, Dinosaur, astronaut, flamingo and more. The choice is wide.

There is something for every taste. There are themes that are made for boys and others for girls.

If you are afraid of disappointing your child with the choice of patterns, you can take them with you when shopping.


Optimized storage space

With the Vogue Cartoon Car, your child has a well-organized storage space. 

There are several distinct locations to accommodate everything he needs to go to school.

The bag has a large zipped compartment intended to accommodate its supplies: notebooks, pens, markers, pencil…. And to store the snack, there is a small button pocket located just in front of the bag.

Finally, for other small accessories such as a water bottle, an umbrella or even a change of clothes, there are two small pockets on each side. 

Fashion is not the go-to brand in the design of children’s backpacks. But with this model, she can compete with any manufacturer.


How to use a preschooler backpack?


When your child is getting ready to spend his first days at school, he will necessarily need a satchel to take his things with him like a grown-up.

However, you will have to accompany your little one on a regular basis in terms of handling his equipment so that he can easily assimilate the actions to be undertaken.

Here are some practical guides to help you with this task.


Adjust the height of the bag according to your child’s height


The comfort of your little one should always be a priority.

Make sure to properly adjust the height of the bag to suit your child’s height.

Indeed, the product in question must not be too high so as not to cause it problems of bulk, nor too low so that its weight does not pose any difficulties for it to be carried.


Do not overload the bag


Make sure not to overcrowd the bag. 

Kindergarten children’s belongings are usually limited to snacks and a change of clothes.

However, make sure you pack the essential supplies your baby will need for the day in the binder.


Choose the right equipment


Your child’s bag should not cause him any difficulties in addition to the things that will be inside. 

Make sure you use lightweight equipment that won’t cause your little one to worry about bulk.

But also, make sure to respect the maximum load supported by the satchel so as not to damage it quickly.


Teach your child to tidy up his belongings


When you put your child’s things in their bag, you can teach them to do the same. 

Use the compartments of your equipment to methodically organize its supplies.

This so that your little one can easily find them if needed. Note that a large closure gives easy access to the content.

Several compartments allow better organization of your toddler’s supplies.


Maintain the backpack


It is still necessary to maintain your child’s backpack to increase its longevity. 

Indeed, it is preferable that your toddler uses clean and hygienic equipment to guarantee his well-being.

To do this, you can consider washing it the traditional way or passing it through the washing machine.

But you must check on the label if the binder can go in this kind of device or not.


Make the most of your equipment


A kindergarten backpack can perform various functions. 

You can use it in other activities so that your child can take his things everywhere.

You can consider using it during your outings or walks.


Cover the bag in case of rain


If you get caught in the rain on your outings, be sure to cover your child’s backpack. 

This will prevent serious damage to it and at the same time protect all the belongings inside.

However, this action is not necessary if the product in question is waterproof.

Would like to learn more about the backpack? Check our complete article on the history of backpack.